LIHM’s Core Values are a manifestation of what we want to be and what we care about as V.P. Educational & Welfare Society.

We know that each Student, Teacher and Parent related to our company have values of their own, sharing our common values allows us to communicate and preserve the things we care about as a Team. The Core Values provide a common framework for Global Quality Education. They guide our decision-making and clarify what we can expect of each other as members of one community – the LIHM Family.

Knowledge & Development

Facilitate, Support and give Confidence to our relations to realize their true self

Honesty & Communication

Be truthful, open, and candid with our associations


Efficiently deliver the best in Class Global Standards, maximum value results to our students for enriching Placement and Entrepreneurship.


Provide effective leadership to our Students, our Teachers and our Industry


Build lasting and trusted relationships


Create a framework to support and reward entrepreneurial efforts that will serve as an effective vehicle for achieving business ownership for our students to be future Bizz-Man.