Mr Suresh Bajpai - CEO / VP

We at LIHM are delighted to know & guide you on your journey towards becoming Hospitality & Management Professionals.

We emphasize not on Rote-learning or Class-rank but on the development of Skills, Industry Knowledge & becoming Responsible Adults. We achieve this with a team of committed faculty & administrative staff, strong Industry Interface & Invaluable Internationals Collaborations.

More importantly, we want you to enjoy your learning experience spent at LIHM and take full advantage of the various opportunities that gets created in the way to becoming professionals. Our students work in every curve of the globe and in each sector of the Hospitality & Tourism Industry.

When you look back at the time you spent at LIHM, we wish they may be the, “Defined years of your LIFE”

The curriculum is designed in a manner so as to allow students to develop interpersonal skills in the form of presentations, debate, elocution competitions, educational tours etc. Assignments are to be exhibited in the form of Poster Presentations, Management Style report and so on.

In addition to academics, students are also encouraged to participate in various inter colligate competitions & fests. Cricket Matches / Extra Curricular activities are a regular feature. Theme Lunches & dinners like Awadhi, Punjabi, Goanese, Bengali, Italian, Continental, Chinese are organized, increasing the student’s repertoire of Indian & International Culture & Cuisine.

I wish all the very best and an Enriching Learning Experience to all the students.